Poster Chronicles:Quantum of Solace

1. Newly released/Final poster for the 22nd Bond movie,out November.Both look like they're trying really hard to not fart,and its a little to America's Next Top Model.The middle part of the foreground is experiencing a chronic white-out,but the trail of smoke,empty desert landscape and having the characters walk away from the scene makes an intriguing story.

2. Second teaser poster,released in July.I love the sepia tones,but again its too self-concious about being stylish what with the perfect tie Mr Man-Pout looks fresh off a dinner party.But I'm a sucker for big guns,and this one's a winner.

3. By far,my favorite of the 3,first teaser poster released sometime in February.The top part looks blinding,this must've been a picture taken from somewhere (I saw the original printed poster at Hoyts recently,it looks amazing).I really admire the simplicity of it,light and shadows-but the fact that its still quite extravagant and dramatic-the gun pointed upwards,the overstretched silhouette,even the cracks on the ground and clear grey sky foreshadow some great confrontation.

Now that you see it,the 3 posters-in order-do tell some kind of vague story,he starts off smart and equipped-escapes the warehouse,but loses his tie and big-ass gun in the process but gains a female sidekick.Now all we've got to figure out is what the hell Quantum of Solace means (the real mystery etc).

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