The ocean has always been something close to me.Or more so,water contained in any form-in bathtubs,pools,rivers-something healing in the way it covers your skin,that coldness that rises from inside and ultimately settles as a warm feeling on the back of my neck.It sucks that I'm hopeless at science,if not I wouldn't have minded giving marine biology a go,though I'm not fully sure what that entails,someone who works with and for the ocean,its beautiful wildlife and distance from the human world-or its proximity to something much higher than existence.

All the short stories I try to write,some character in one way or another somehow retreats to the ocean-that is how powerful its magnetism is,my mind wanders there below consciousness,beyond reality.I never quite know why I'm where I am,or what I'll do differently tomorrow-but faced upon a vast space of nothing but clear,calm water-the feeling rises from within-I must give all I can give-until there is nothing,but clarity.


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