yyys heads will roll

The YYYs new vid for Heads Will Roll,second single of their 3rd studio album.I love this band to bits,and the new album is a massive departure from their usual style.It was a risky but successful move,the album has its own merits and stands out on its own-and I'm glad the band's got the balls to step out and try new things,unlike say Greenday who seems to be rocking yet the same outfits and eyeliner,whilst singing the same old tunes.Sure,you've got your diehard fans to consider and have to be sure not to completely sell out,but what they've done here is quite impressive.Only Zero and Heads will Roll sound the way they do,upbeat and packed with synths that is-the album is mostly made up of quiet ballads (no doubt inspired by the success of Maps),with one song (Dull Life) that mirrors the loud spirit of their debut album.Regardless,there are so many great tunes to choose from as a third single-it'll definitely be a slow number,I hope they go with either Skeletons or Soft Shock although Hysteric would be a pretty predictable move seeing how marketable that song is.Anyway,the vids alright but I suggest you look up the uncensored version of the Spike Jonze directed vid for their old song Y Control,it has a whole bunch of well-dressed kids running around tearing each others (fake) insides out.

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