Early morning,immense fog overtook the city.The whole day,butt stuck solid on one spot in the library my mind wandered to one long,daydream.About this crazy zombie film I want to make-I know its a long shot,but dreams are dreams and mine are unkillable-and I thought of a huge abandoned metropolis,pre-zombie humanoids and red/green viles.Anyway,the whole atmosphere would be gloomy,sterile,eeriely but peacefully quiet and ( apoclyptic ).And that morning when the fog came,it was like this vision in my head crawled itself out into reality-in sharp neon rays blurred by the mist,the strange vibrating muteness of the night and empty roads.Vacuous,hollowed out,a feeling would stir inside : tomorrow,the world would change.It'd be the final dawn before few would start to mutate-and in the space of a short time my hero would awaken,and struggle,but eventually take his destiny by its horns.Yes,I daydream like a 4 year old.More pics to come after exams.

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