I want you travelling in my blood,pulsing under the thin,tearable filamen of my skin.I want you in every cell,part of every inch and hair,in my brain exerting my every word and move.I want you to enter slowly,invade my entire system-each worn,decaying bit of it-and depart through every orifice,rush out in a screaming wave of adrenalin that rips everything apart.There was a time when you felt kind,and took less than what you deserved-I could feel the air and taste its emptiness,but felt nothing on the leaves and petals I normally searched.I felt no textures,no life from beyond those pretty surfaces,I understood nothing anymore and thought myself liberated from the complicacies of all those tangled messages,now I could re-begin without those senses that handicapped me.I could live without the beauty of flowers,surely in the vast foliage-all that blue,grey,white-something else would arouse.And when the time comes for you to corrupt,you'd do it completely-destroy every genuine piece,and from the wreckage assemble something that would be much more formidable-future wars that needed fighting for-every wall would tumble anyway,all fighters perish-but in time,a new breeze would come forth and sweep over many towns and nights and scare children with noises they heard only when all else was still-you'd have taken me down,deform me into something I couldn't name-you'd have taken every thing I hoped to keep,but this fire would grow larger-but burn no further.


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