three thoughts.

1. I was kindof shrieking quietly,clawing my face off thinking "Oh,wow,I love Heather Graham! This looks terrific!" (I wouldn't have minded if she got an Oscar for her tiny contribution in Anger Management),but was disappointed to find out its just some chick posing to be her,going by the very unsellable name of Marley Shelton.Ok,she played the doctor in Planet Terror (though Rose McGowan and her freak machine gun leg totally owned that movie) and looks like a pro with awkward comedy,so I expect it'll be good anyway.

2. There's a slight Woody Allen feel,though minus the pretention (not that I don't like em').Maybe because instead of glorifying the limitless,unquantifiable life of people who proudly claim themselves to be "artists",its making fun of them.

3. Which leads to my final point,if you haven't seen this site yet you should.I'm sure you'll know someone who belongs there,and its your duty to get them there and down from the fucking hipster pedestal they've been poking us lousy commoners with a big colorful stick from.If you've got a damn game boy hanging around your neck,treatment is what you need.

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