Break Up

Officially available 15/9 from Amazon,I was too curious.Someday is like a noir film where an ostracized mother-son pair run flee from the cops but are finally caught,and sent to different prisons.Wear & Tear is like leaving the city and settling in a rural suburb with a new name,and the picture of a lost lover.Blackie's Dead is more upbeat than the rest,and reminds me of early Ryan Adams.Search your Heart feels like the road trip you always wanted to take with your father,as a child.On Clean,the two whisper:Would you talk to me? I want everything to be so clean.The entire album is a love story in pieces,based on the aftermath of a bad break up (Yorn's own in 2006).Just listening to the album inspires me to write stories,feel nostalgic,and to look forward to tomorrow.That is,for all the weeping done for this album-there's a strong sense of optimism to it,and as a whole its one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.


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