Whatever Works

Much like his earlier work,his main character's a highly-opinionated,self-proclaimed genius who has trouble with the world,in general.Constantly on a debate with himself,preaching straight into the camera-this time in the form of Curb's Larry David,who although layered with many kooky habits,fails to seem like anything but the director himself talking.

That is,when you take what little the film has,its Woody Allen with one simple,clear message about Love that's delivered in what starts as a random meet-cue between Boris and Melodie,and when the steam begins to run out there,one character after another appears literally at their doorstep,this segues the film into one or two equally simple and underdeveloped stories that reassert that one message: If it makes you happy,then why not?Whatever Works!

Not to say it was a bad movie,but in the ranks of his other achievements-this felt extremely underwritten,although I did laugh a lot (Larry David seems the perfect suitor to Allen's brilliant,sharp one-liners).As for his co-star Evan Rachel Wood,no doubt a talented actress,was miscast.It just seemed to be a role that Chloe Sevigny could've played better with little to zero effort.

Whatever Works seems to be a throwback to his earlier work,Manhattan and Mighty Aphrodite especially,unfortunately lacking any of the artistic flair,pungent dialogue or memorable characters.


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