People our age are constantly vexing "I don't know who I am".

What if one day,you do?When all that uncertainty passes,and you're able to lay down what exactly defines you-be it a namecard,the job,having three kids,a bookshelf full of pictures,the loss of a daughter.What if one day,that's it?Something so large and indestructible it can't not be part of you.Even if you wanted to prolong the search,you couldn't.Imagine being a 40 year old dentist,married with kids and enough money for the annual vacation and retirement.What if you wanted things to change,wouldn't that be hard?While there's mystery,there's a chance to determine what tomorrow brings.There's an opportunity to be whoever and whatever you want to be.

Maybe test out different personalities,crash and burn-who cares?At this age,you feel like you've got a lot to lose.Like you're skating on thin ice,think and rethink every step,dip your toes in the wrong spot and everything shatters.Build a castle,find perfection.

Where will this life take you-and do you really want to know?


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