my sentimental heart hardens

1. One of the many great things about being a man,is that you get to wear a suit.Of course you can be a woman and wear one too,if you want to look like a fucking clown.

3. Partly why I'm rushing to join the workforce ('workforce',what a joke),is so I can wear suits nearly all the time and not feel out of context.I would swim and sleep and do absolutely everything in suits if I could.

4. Morrissey shot in 06',he would probably look good in just a rag.But its amazing really (the suit),its almost like this timeless antidote to all the silly bullshit that keeps sprouting up in this world."Eternal nothingness is OK if you're dressed for it" (Woody Allen).

7. I think I'm a realist.Which people who don't like me consider to be pessimism.It isn't pessimism at all.If I was a pessimist I wouldn't get up,I wouldn't shave,I wouldn't watch Batman at 7.30 am. Pessimists just don't do that sort of thing. (Morrissey,of course)

10. On love: Its a fallacy of course,but its a form of religion.You have to believe.

(OZ is on.I never understand anything that goes on in this show,but I can't stop watching)


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