Paranormal Activity

The two occupants of the house seem real enough,they've made the "found footage" thing believable-the camera is thrown around carelessly,sometimes placed thoughtlessly on furniture or on the floor so it captures jarring angles-the amateur shooting style makes the fiction easy to buy into.

But the dialogue had my eyeballs rolling up at part.I felt like I was watching a crap sensationalist show,narrators continuously trying to remind us about how frightening and crazy their situation was.

Tiny spoilers ahead.

I love the looming shadows on the door,and the powder footprints (this invisible thing has fucking crow-feet! How can you not be freaked out at this point?).And how all the noises and hovering forms always appeared at a distance.Scary shit was happening all over the house,but all beyond the camera's direct vision.Also,there was something truly alarming about the attic-always just a small box at the edge of the screen,lighting up and growling before something happened-and this mystery above everything else was what I found most worrying.

The makers of this film know that the best place for a beast to grow and foster-is our imagination,something with no tangible shape or name exploits our deepest,most unreasonable fears.No surprise jolts or overbearing music or ripped out torsos-just a very simple concept of a story.Made all the more unsettling with a slow,crawling build-up.Considering all this,and the fact that it had the full house audience on edge the entire time-Paranormal Activity is a huge success.Its no surprise it made $9.1 mil in its first week in the US,and plans for a sequel were announced a month ago.


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