run bitch run

1. A remake of 87's John Carpenter 'classic',so naturally assumed second best.

2. I don't like the poster,gives away too much.

3. Formulaic,it runs on oversexed,shrieking teenagers + a seemingly inescapable house + tall,indestructible villain who is robust enough to survive near every attack. I don't like how films tend to cast according to type: sure an English,white-haired eccentric makes for a good movie psychiatrist,but like every other character in this film-he lacks personality.But the Myers family at the start do have some cinematic evil/flair to their look that fits the film's kitchiness.

4. Regardless,I enjoyed it immensely.Those little touches-how the killer lurks in the background before his big debut,a hovering presence over daily hoo-haa,mundane conversations.How with each final gunshot at the end,the camera jerks a bit.And how the mask-wearing coincides with the bloodlust.

5. There are proper horror movies that build tension on the atmosphere,complex villains,psychological warfare.Then,there are those loud,crazy slasher flicks that are a mostly about murdering stupid chicks and cops who just won't believe you.In the latter category,I consider this 07' remake one of the top.


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