Best of 2010 : FILM

I don't think I saw anything spectacular this year,but there were some films I wanted to own on DVD and have watched repeatedly,besides this a lot of films have failed to find their way here,film is still no real catalyst to progress or conversation,we're bombarded with lousy,mainstream movies with little to no intellectual or emotional richness,and among these even there is a heavy censorship and this meddles with the true themes and message.

Unlike the other Best of 2010,I won't compile a list,because having not seen that many films (I still haven't had the opportunity to watch Black Swan,Blue Valentine,Winter's Bone) I'm sure to omit some important ones if I do.I loved a lot of films this year,but I two clear favorites emerge.

Easy A learned to utilize Emma Stone's precocious,quirky side and proves that she is ready to for more leading roles,this film mocked the cliche's of the genre,I got a lot of pleasure from the supporting cast.Patricia Clarkson & Stanley Tucci played the easygoing,liberal parents brilliantly,I've long been a hardcore fan of Lisa Kudrow and am thankful whenever she appears anywhere,and both Amanda Bynes and (surprisingly) Penn Badgley (who is insufferable on Gossip Girl) were deeply charming and likeable,on top of it Easy A already had the advantage of a smart and sharply original script.

Besides this,The Kids are All Right had its flaws but I adored its unhurried,leisurely pace and how it approached the topic of lesbian parents with a tolerant,graceful hand.Beyond these two,I adored a few other films for very specific reasons,and I was willing to overlook any of the big predicaments that could've been present.Woody Allen's You Will Meet A Tall,Dark Stranger was set beautifully in London and reminiscent of Match Point without the young,sexy cast or heightened drama,it was a comfortably slow,albiet messy,film with some nice,natural dialogue.

Jesse Eisenberg was the defining point of The Social Network,and despite playing a small and one-dimensional role,Kieran Culkin was similarly pivotal to the enjoyment of Scott Pilgrim vs The World.There was an animated bit towards the end of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 that I would endure the entire film again for.This is minor,and I didn't love Inception but for me it delivered the best film line of the year,which was Ellen Page describing the role of the architect within constructing dreams,"There's nothing quite like it. Its pure creation".

That was my Best,as for the Worst,I can't decide between Going the Distance,a film I fully expected to love (it had all the right ingredients,and both Drew Barrymore & Justin Long can normally make an average flick at least tolerable),it had a silly premise and a lot of failed attempts at high-brow,Judd Apatow-type sex comedy,or was it Leap Year,every minute of which was completely void of any joy,humor or anything redeeming.


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