issey miyake fall 2011 pt. 2

this was a kind of offbeat duo,neutral colors on overtly designed garments,but they were to me highly interesting as evidenced by the two coats above. they're not something you expect a mainstream brand to create,or something you'd think would be replicated for the masses,they standalone as if a unique,bizarre piece custom-made,the one on the left looks comfortable and settles nicely on the shoulders and arms,it has a delicate,but complex structure and even with the slightly ridiculous bowtie,looks amazing. the plaid coat plays in the fashionable hobo category,but I love the colors and that gorgeous scarf-resembling collar (and again,it looks so fucking comfortable,like a cat could cuddle up in there and have a nap for hours)I also love the red shoes although i've been sneakers of late as they have a habit of making me look overcasual

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