issey miyake fall 2011 pt. 1


an uncharacteristically subdued collection,but still lovable as seen in this green coat,I wouldn't know it what context it'd fit,maybe if i was attending the premier of a SAW sequel that was being held at a botanic garden where they held midget sex slaves who served peanut-butter ice-cream,but paired with those leather gloves,and factory-worker boots they manage a fascinating look,the coat still stands supreme all those different tones and the creases put on the normal,unchanged body of a daily coat,I really can't get over how gorgeous this shade of green is. the second look is more of a team effort,picked apart i might not buy any of it,but the colors are so adorable,how the preppy,ill-fitting purple dances with the pink bits peeking out (did that sound a bit wrong?), and the mustard khakis,proof that sometimes the most boring,seemingly lifeless members of your wardrobe have potential waiting to be unlocked via pairing.

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