aj abualrub for mens uno china feb 2011

to be honest there's nothing special here,the clothes,styling and photography replicate the mundaneness of a mass-market advertorial,the matching of b&w with color photos do nothing,the tones are muted and the angles chosen as if they were meant for an organic farm market pamphlet,but two reasons i'm posting this,aj abualrub (whose real name is ahmad jalal,how adorable) has a distinctive face and he brings his quiet energy to this otherwise pulseless shoot,also i want to give more room for lesser known magazines,or mags that are physically just out of reach for us locals and unavailable anywhere near,international especially asian editions can sometimes feature interesting stuff,they're more experimental and less trend-concious although they seem to be working on a much lower budget,anyway once in a while where i see fit this blog will feature smaller,more obscure material

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