john paul gaultier haute couture spring 2011




we take a break from menswear and planet earth to appreciate this eclectic,bold and intricately designed collection,there is no way to value these without seeing them close-up so i encourage you just click on each. at first sight they present the normal qualities of haute couture,i'm normally not a fan because they are purposely unwearable and require a very specific context to be worn,adorned with ridiculous proportions,loud colors but i remember watching christian siriano's line on the 2008 project runway finale and finally getting it,that it wasn't always about the clothes,but the energy and intention that goes into that,this JPG line displays a roaring audacity,for one i'd like to view that two-piece suit close-up its pulled together by a lot of light,directional threads and is made with a tedious sense of detail,the faux mohawk and goth styling is fabulous,especially how that dog collar/choker is linked to the open-finger gloves.the gowns,especially the b&w stripey ruffled one and this flamingo mess with the long red gloves,are both disasters in theory,but so fearless in their execution that it truly deserves a standing ovation.these i suspect are not to be worn without a sense of irony or some tormented form of personality,helena bonham carter for example would wear these immediately,what an achievement this was,just what i needed to open the weekend

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