the odd couple: alessandra ambrosio & iekeliene stange


again i've picked an odd couple,they both lie in different markets hence work under different aesthetics.ambrosio is in lanvin for harper's bazaar espana feb 2011,i love the movement in the dress and what they've done to her hair and nails,although one strap looks have always seemed too slutty to me,they've chosen to understate every element of this cover and pull it back,letting ambrosio's natural presence take centre stage,which is always a good decision.d&c korea feb 2011 of course goes for the less obvious,beige and breast taping and some huge cupcake filter (its obviously not this),following not their us counterpart to put harry potter and sookie on the cover they're less celebrity-oriented,i still like this cover but wish they heightened the drama,highlighting the cutting cheekbones and gaping teeth gives it some depth though

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