NYFW week 1 womenswear faves #1

prabal gurung
for: petite,bony undercover goth revivalists,kylie minogue circa X,a now subdued but still frantically blond post-pregnancy january jones
"i like to make an entrance,but frequently use the back door,i don't love the attention and try to avoid paparazzi,but love the lingering curiousity when I leave a room,people want to know my name but i'm not one to mingle with crowds"

charlotte ronson
for: topshop loyalists,girls who want to look like they come from the fashionable ghetto
"i'm technically bipolar,and am prone to violent cheeriness,but there are times I feel like i could murder a bitch,either way my style shows i've got it all under wraps,i look clean and sterile as you'd expect a troubled,but fairly perceptive misdemeanor would"

jason wu
for: flat-chested beauties, alexa chung / agyness deyn / franky from SKINS, emotionally mature & skinny men who are introverted and say unintentionally queer things
"I may be lacking in the boob department,but i'm genetically blessed with legs like a young daryl hannah and i've got no time for your mindgames and sexual innuendo,i don't do small talk or men who don't feel completely secure about themselves"

richard chai LOVE
for: women who have permanent pneumonia, women who are always walking down stairways and want to look like a descending angel,the everyday girl
"I am always on the move,and look great even it just means going from my desk to the copier machine. I deal with a lot of commoners in my line of work,but that doesn't mean I need to look ordinary"

diane von furstenberg
for: young parisian housewives,power-napping socialites,the vacationing anti-kardashian,22-year old ta'vi
"sure I still own all my old barbies,love dressing up in cutesy stuff that makes me look like a conservative,burqa-wearing omelette-maker who also happens to be very chic,but I am secretly a kick-ass entrepreneur & unrestrained sex goddess"

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