NYFW week 1 womenswear faves #2

mara hoffman
for: the bar-trotting, chain-smoking university goer, peaches/santigold, future alcoholics
"i have a distorted,cynical view of the world but am not contained to my native location,I mix with an eclectic group of people,speak 8 different languages and I run a puppet theatre for the neighborhood kids"

jill stuart
for: musicians who sing about california,corporate leaders who used to surf,rebellious flight attendants
"i am young,but have the spirit of an old,very melancholy but self-assured person.I dream of otherworldly things,live in a cabin from which I write unpublished detective novels and communicate nightly with owls"

christian siriano
for: aggressive romantics, award show attendees who plan to give joan rivers something catty to say,the type of women who ironically read architectural digest and vogue on the subway
"i don't think there's any harm in being splashy once in a while,i like being noticed and these dresses make me look dreamy,sweetly demented like a rainbow fading over dusk"

victoria beckham
for: women with terrifically slender frames,long waif-like arms but prefer to conceal this
"I've sent my sons to oxford, earn just as much money as my husband but don't mind looking like a vacuous trophy-wife"

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