ny fashion week: rag & bone menswear fall 2011

there was surprise everytime a new look was sent down the runway,while plaid remained a constant theme it went back and forth on other eclectic things,from three-quarters to kilts then fratboy jackets,they've chosen some very masculine,old-fashioned but lovely fabric and heightened things with a bit of patchwork,my favorite items,besides the plaid coats which i've seen many times before but the ones here i gravitate to very strongly and i can't explain why,i love the loose,airy pants they look comfortable,and the movement it gives is interesting,all the scarves tucked into collars very discreetly,and the very "boyband from the future" feel these neon jackets have


Rahimy said...

but the hats??

Al said...

they're cute aren't they? but i'm not so much of a hat person..