the odd couple: models for the manslut issue & mila kunis

sean o' pry,noah mills & arthur kulkov for details march 2011
mila kunis for W march 2011

details used to be a mag i used to look forward to procuring,but it has since been severely watered down,the male equivalent of a mag entirely without substance or a pretty surface to make up for it,the photoshoots are some variation of ab-flaunting & male-adoring,it is very passive-aggressively homoerotic & a mag you can devour within 5 minutes tops,what the fuck is this? grey shirts,jeans and a half-naked boy? is this supposed to sell? so fucking lazy,i predict details to be gone by the end of the year if this continues.mila kunis on W,do they have to constantly play off black swan,is she that unmemorable beyond this movie that we have to be always reminded of why she's currently relevant?W,as i've said before is a hit and miss with its covers,but in terms of writeups it offers one of the more in-depth,unique point of views,they've begun to develop a loyal readership i suspect and the covers are not a priority to this bunch

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