adnan djinovic for MARC JACOBS f/w 2011

I think marc jacobs generally makes terrible clothes,its normally very apparent in his womenswear-for which the new ad campaign features girl-of-the-moment elle fanning (whose sofia coppola movie 'somewhere' I liked,but she's yet to grow into an actress and is often very obsessed with her hair-i'm being nitpicky,but its annoying) and helena bonham carter,shot by jurgen teller,who seriously needs to be fired off the jacobs wagon-the new campaign shots look tired and the clothes look ugly bordering on evil. here i'm glad to see the absence of pejic or some other novelty,the model is handsome and servicable and the lookbook is surprisingly void of theatrics-the denim jacket with the details on the back,and the shoes with their zig-zag pattern-look genuinely nice-though the measurements and fit on both pants are weird and distracting.

here's a classic marc jacobs-look at that huge bag probably made of ostrich leather or something ridiculously exotic and expensive,the bag is clearly meant to be a statement piece to anchor the collection-but like the rest of the bags and accessories in his collection it looks so fucking cheap,with the metal bits and the jarring way it was sewn,and its just constructed like a bag a little 4-year old would bring to school.its just fuck ugly,the kind of quality i normally associate to his brand.

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