Grey Day

Had a fairly uninteresting day where the high point was watching Celebrity Survivor-pretty boring i must say,the contestants left are all full of moral bullshit about honesty and 'being true' when really what made previous seasons great were seeing how the manipulative,clever ones played their game with cunning and fearlessness.

So,boring day equals random rants.

-The first ep to season 3 of Lost premiered in the US yesterday,with little luck i'll download it in the next two days and see if its still worth watching.Despite how much i LOVED the first 2 seasons of Nip/Tuck,the first ep of season 4 proved it would be another failed season (season 3 of awful) made saucy with Christian's endless sexcapades-gosh!-they've got Rosie O' Donell as a wealthy woman who pays $400,000 to have 10 minutes in bed with him (clip here).

-EW manages a comprehensive list,'movies everyone loved but you didn't'.I agree on Notting Hill-annoying Hugh Grant mumbles 'charmingly' throughout all this movies,making them unbearable to watch.Some films i guiltlessly enjoyed while others found them horrible-the heavily criticized Catwoman (something about Sharon Stone as a villian is so appealing) and a personal comedy fave,Romy & Michele's High School Reunion (what might as well have been an autobiography film of Phoebe Buffet)

-With impressive reviews to back it up,Being Cyrus is being shown at Cinema Nova (one of the many films shown as part of The Indian FilmFest 06) and i'm definitely going to watch this one.Nice tagline.

-Other movies i feel like watching-Little Children,Running With Scissors and Sherry Baby. Any movie about dysfunctional families involving Jennifer Connoly,Evan Rachel Wood or Maggie Gylanhel can't be that bad.

-When Blink 182 disbanded,one of them went of to form a new band-Plus 44,their new single 'When Your Heart Stops Beating' leans mostly towards emo rock and isn't half rotten.

That's all for now.My recent exam marks turned out okay-not superbly terrific,but not gravely bad enough to give my parents the green light to lecture me either.Melbourne weather is becoming depressing-the cold mornings,the hot nights.People at Dell promised i would get my laptop back tomorrow-so,hooray.University applications due tomorrow.Fasting has been a smooth experience-with an exception of the recent Monday,when the full schedule made me a walking corpse noon onwards.

The weekend be my saviour.

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