-The Bond franchise,perhaps with an exception when Sean Connery took the lead,has always been sickly overrated and really just about so-called adventures,pretty-looking femme fatale's with long guns and scantily-clad sluts as Bond girls.And i consider Pierce Brosnan to be one of the WORST actors of all time-if i were to randomly watch a movie and see him on the screen before me,i'd be inclined to walk out shouting profanities.The trailer for Casino Royale looks fucking amazing-for one Daniel Craig looks the part,and Eva Green looks nothing like a dumb whore.

More notable trailers.

-300.Like Frank Miller's Sin City,we'd be too busy being mesmerized by the special effects and amazing portrayal of noir & bloodshed too even bother paying any attention to the storyline.

-A Prairie Home Companion.With Lily Tomlin,Meryl Streep,Virginia Madsen and even Lindsay Lohan in-the talent overload makes us forget its a film about country music.

-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:The Beginning.If this is as half as good as 2003's TCM,that'd be good enough.

-Marie-Antoinette.Yes i know that by now the film has an infamous reputation for inaccurately depicting important historical events (and that it was heavily boo-ed upon screening at some prestige film festival).But,this is not supposed to be a historical film made of intricate details but as Sofia Coppola simply decribes,a story about "a young girl with no connection to reality who finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time".Its fucking Sofia Coppola for God's sake-didn't she bring us the incredible Lost In Translation?-have some mercy people.Very few filmakers have such great ambition,she could've done another successful film full of long glances and dysfunctional characters and made heaps of money,but no,she went ahead to pursue Marie-Antoinette.And plus,it has a kick-ass soundtrack.

-Little Children.Jennifer Connelly & Kate Winslet,from the director who brought us In The Bedroom.Forbidden love never fails to move us.

And break us.

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