I've no idea who this bitch is,but this song is the week's tune.


I just wrote an entire post about love and relationships,but realised that it was filled to the brim with too much romanticism and wishful thinking,so i deleted the whole thing and have now decided to start again.Before i begin,some random things from the past few days:

-Finally went to Borders to buy the final Lemony Snicket book (Book 13:The End),they have it on half-price but not for a long time so buy it soon if you feel like it

-Watched Marie-Antoinette over the weekend,if this were the work of a first time director i would say 'ok job' but,this from Sofia Coppola?Not much

-Listen to The Kooks-'naive' & 'she moves in her own way' for starters

-Watched the latest ep of Lost,which is apparently losing viewers by the millions due to its slow unravelling and progress-i'm almost getting bored of this show

-Pimples are invading my face.Two appeared yesterday and one today,been applying some weird cream hourly with hope that i don't turn into an acne king anytime soon

-Blogger's being a nasty bitch,having so many problems with it this week

Went to celebrate Schien's birthday at the nearby Dracula's,with these happy people around me it was impossible to feel a single moment of down as we laughed and laughed.Getting back to the subject matter i had intended to talk about,why do we yearn for love?Ugh.Silly rethorical question any idiot could answer with his or her personal opinion,but this time i'll put logic and sense aside,giving space for cynicism to breath its unwanted views-a million feminist butches and souless realists would scoff at the very idea of reducing life to the pursuit of finding someone to fill in 'that gap',that imaginary gap we've come to dig for ourselves with the help of Hollywood and modern perception.Love is essentially an intoxicating emotion-and i'm not sure it even exists really,perhaps its simply another human concept created in an attempt to bring meaning to our lives,defying the notion some philosophers put forward that our pointless lives are merely signified by two seemingly important events:life and death.

Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player,That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.

Because Shakespeare kicks ass.

Izzie,a character from Grey's Anatomy,loses her fiance then simply does nothing about it,her pain left to grow soons become something too difficult to control.And then she becomes numb in sorrow,expressionless almost all the time and the few words she speaks are of anger and frustration.She shuts herself from the outside world,pushing away the friends who constantly offer their help and time,and soon the walls built have become too solid to penetrate and her world is reduced to two things:regret and emptiness.What does this have to do with anything?For one,Grey's Anatomy is an amazing series that everyone should watch but more importantly,i believe we sometimes form shields and protections to try keep ourselves from harm-anger masks the hidden pain,cycnicism covers the loss of confidence,and at times these disguises that cleverly hide our true feelings become so elaborate over time that it starts to become part of one's personality and ideas.I believe God made us all loving creatures,but as some of us pass life miserably we develop a strong hatred for everything we can't seem to achieve or understand,because very few people have the courage to stand up and admit their mistakes to themselves,why try to heal the wound when you can pretend it doesn't even exist?

I'm too lazy to do a 'bridging' from paragraph two to three,that would make readers less confused perhaps,but if you look closely you'll discover some vague connection that would maybe then bring sense into this whole trashtalk session of mine.

They tried to make me go to rehab,i said no no no.

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