Been having trouble sleeping,i follow all the recommended steps for better sleep (e.g:drink plenty of water,take a hot bath 3 hours before sleep,avoid evening naps) but try as i might,i end up waking an hour or two after i fall asleep feeling restless and completely awake-the worst consequence is that i end up arriving for the exams feeling slightly groggy and ill-tempered,not to mention my mind isn't as sharp as it would be if i were completely lucid.

I suspect its something subconcious-but its exam season and its best to focus on my textbooks and notes instead of using this precious time to dig up old memories and trying to heal old wounds-i'll deal with all that crap some other time perhaps.For now the image above will suffice in trying to bring more harmony into my non-existent,crooked soul-i've even gone as far to download a meditation podcast and rearranged my bed as to prepare incase the sleeping problem surfaces again.

Enough bout' my boring life-spent sometime watching season 4 episodes of Nip/Tuck-a tv series usually takes dangerous risks by introducing events or characters which are absolutely over-the-top and unrealistic,for example Julie Cooper from the OC whose cruelty seems to coincide with sharp fashion sense,cycnical one-liners and a complete lack of emotions (such a perfect character could not possibly exist in real life),and Nip/Tuck has had its share of emberassing moments-in Season 3,when it was discovered that 'the slasher' was a male serial rapist without a penis who used a strap-on to sodomise his victimes,or when Sean's subconcious keeps arriving as the heavily tattooed criminal whom he onced helped escape conviction-but in Season 4 the show once again comes close to being unbelievable and too fictitious for anyone to enjoy the show without putting the sense of reality aside,thankfully it doesn't cross that line and whenever it comes close to,some very genuine and sympathetic characters are re/newly-introduced so the viewer feels connected again-the highlight of Season 4 seems to be Rosie O-Donnell's (otherwise known as the most narcissistic,loud,fabulous lesbo) character,a woman who wins $380 million in a lottery and starts spending throwing money on everything she can-but in the process of embracing her inner material girl she loses her sense of self,her daughter and hubbie leave her and soon she's in the hospital ward looking at the people who pass by,saying 'i'd give all the money in the world for someone to walk through that door and just hold my hand'.

I write all this bullshitty crapola here cos' talking bout everything that comes to my mind with people would be a difficult thing.Its exam season and the whole of Melbourne's joined the party-with Subway putting the sign 'Exam Season:Open Till 11' outside,and the girl who served me even put an extra meatball in my sub maybe cos' she knows how stressful exam season can be.

Song of the moment: Azure Ray-If You Fall

My 15 minute break is over,back to the books and the kooks.

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