Vengeance Please

Sometimes the walk home can be more than just a boring stroll,when you look a bit closer.On my way back i saw

1. A dead pigeon with its bottom half squashed to bits next to a dustbin.
2. A homeless man peeing into a public pond,the small group of schoolgirls nearby had looks of fascination on their innocent faces.
3. While crossing roads i noticed a beautiful bronze merc with a skinny 50-ish woman inside,sunnies covering her eyes and her cheeks tensed-the car's plate read ICLAW.

Turning 18 in a few hours.Tick tock.

Watched the latest OC episode-Ryan's officially the biggest,hugest,most annoying drama queen in tv history-he makes a big ass fuss (and by big i mean 3 eps going on about killing the guy) bout killing Volchok,then when he finally gets the chance what does he do? HE LETS THE GUY GO.All that drama and no climax.And Grey's Anatomy,once honest and full of heart now tries so desperately to become 'sexually-hilarious' that its become a total disaster.

Be kind,rewind.

Oh saw this one sad ad on tv yesterday.46 people are seriously injured in accidents in Melbourne everyday-and i'm not talking facial scars or broken bones,more like losing limbs and being permanently physically disabled.Very emotional ad.This one girl was trying to walk with her crutches,her left leg knee-down removed-and she was just crying there,just standing there and crying profusely.

Like a clown i put on a show,pain is real even tho' nobody knows and i'm crying inside and nobody knows it but me.

Elsewhere i read that Terri Irwin's daughter is being sent for psychological treatment cos' she's been extremely happy since her dad died.

Tick tock.


Pronolo. D said...

To Al, happy birthday!! and all da best for ur exam..

insaneal said...

hehe thanks d