So,I don't know much about this film,Juno-but the names in the cast:the adorable Michael Cera,Rainn Wilson and Jason Bateman,who,although I totally admire for his excellent work on Arrested Development-is evidently pretty limited as an actor,his performances are painfully awkward and out-of-pitch when he's not playing that well-suited,office-type character.Anyhu,Juno's the follow-up to director Jason Reitman's Thank You For Smoking-which,I personally found to be more full of talk and style (the sharp cuts & pristine,clean storyline) than substance,and almost anything with Katie Holmes is automatically unfortunate-but reuniting tv dad-and-son should bring good karma.Recently shown at the Toronto Film Fest,here's the trailer for Juno (via FirstShowing).

Supposed to insert some sort of witty segue here-but I can't muster the energy for that shit at 2am.

So,anyone watched the Emmy's?I managed to catch a few bits here and there,read all about it online and U-tubed a couple parts.The Family Guy animation played at the start was brilliant,though right after that Ray Romano's unfunny segment brought us back to a somber state.Overall a pretty good show,Ryan Seacrest did a decent job-but let's talk about the nominees-what's this constant asskissing of really shitty,drainwater-quality shows like Ugly Betty & Boston Legal?Okay,I'm willing to accept the latter because it features an exceptional ensemble,though consisting mostly of old,unnaturally horny and probably impotent douchebags trying to realistically create 'sexual tension' and that alone is ridiculously entertaining enough (if not pitiable)-but...Ugly Betty?Given that all the other winners were deserving-and even nominees who lost out had reason to be there,shows like Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives may not be my favourites but I have to admit they excel at particular game and know how to satisfy their prime audience-whereas Ugly Betty's just downright silly (that WilAmina woman or whateverthefuck her name is-is so bloody pathetic and possibly the most foolish-looking and nonthreatening tv villian ever) and America Ferrara emerging as champion from a list in which the significantly-more-superior Felicity Huffman,Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tina Fey stand?Bitch,please.

Ah,finally Terry O'Quinn (Locke on Lost) wins an award,and for that I'll pretend he didn't wear that flamingo-pink shirt-although there were other award-deserving members of the show's cast,namely Michael Emerson who I swear to God has the most stabbing,disturbing stare and who's character exudes that kind of dangerous,bone-chilling aura even when he's practically doing something dull like sipping tea.Moving on,the Soprano's musical thingy was completely out-of-place and uncalled for,but there were more highs and lows-guests hosts in pairs were reliable to deliver the goods-Tina Fey & Julia Louis-Dreyfus,Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart.And 30 Rock's win was expected-which reminds me,I have to get the first season DVD set.

Watched Ratatouille yesterday-it was,enjoyable.Was it?I keep thinking that there's something really huge (potentially nuclear) missing from that movie-although it mostly had it right:the voice-over's were perfect,especially Paton Osswalt in the titular role and Peter O'-Toole as the food critic.I'm no big fan of animations-but Toy Story,Finding Nemo,The Incredibles and The Iron Giant (the latter two were from Ratatouille's writer-director,so I knew before going in I was in good hands) were spectacular-and Ratatouille firmly beats out the competition (with rubbish like Shrek 3 or Shark Tale-Pixar can safely claim to be best,noone's going to refute that) but,there was just something missing.I can't effectively put my finger on it-but,I just found the film-though it had terrific animation and will probably be the best animated film I watch in the next two years or so,at least until Pixar comes up with another-a bit unremarkable.Maybe it's the fact that Remy,though essentially a rodent-was spending most of his time with a human,surrounded by humans and therefore existing in a human world-even in the scenes with rats per se,the rats were depicted living like humans (i.e:drinking in a place looking like a bar/club),engaging in human activities when they're really supposed to be rats-whereas something like Finding Nemo explored the life of a fish (as a fish),and though it dealt with familiar themes like family bonds and common character conflicts,we were pretty much observing Nemo & the other animals in their world and from their own,unique perspective-whereas in Ratatouille it's not really that case-he's a rat,physically,but not much else-and aside from the wonderful animation work,the scenarios and characters weren't too fascinating.Plus some of the parts were too contrived and unbelievable-sure,it's a damn cartoon,but I appreciate if they maintain a certain amount of believability-but (spoiler!) the part at the end where a whole bunch of rats come to help and start cooking,yes,cooking in a kitchen,well,that's pushing it a bit.

But it's still a film you should watch,and will probably like-I did,but,again,I found that there was something missing (this phrase works for this purpose on so many levels,that I'm using it twice).To sum it up-good,but not in that great way you'd expect a typical Pixar product to be.

OK,I'll shut up now.Watch this vid of Rainn Wilson & Kanye West from the Emmy's-wait till' the part where Rainn gets too excited-effin hilarious.


Bina007 said...

Hey Al! I'm also pretty interested to see Juno. It's playing at the London Film Fest next month so I'll check it out. Do you want to post a review of Ratatouille on the movie blog? I'm interested to hear your critique because it's been so (over?) hyped in the US.....
Take care!

soraya barakbah said...

on the contrary.. i thought vanessa williams did a kickass job as willhemina.. she looked downright hot.
but it got silly after they showed her soft side n she started seducing the boss..
but her as lady boss bitch totally kicked ass.

syazazafirah said...

mmm Juno :)))))) hehe. thats a mad ensemble right there. and the yellow headband? perfect.

ur the only other person I know who hates ugly betty. its such a bad show, enduring one whole episode is painful.

Al said...

Bina,I've just sent an email to you-I don't think this review should be posted up there cos' it's incoherent,just all over the place-and even after nitpicking I honestly can't say for sure what it was abt Ratatouille that had me feeling underwhelmed-I just don't have any strong reactions to it,for me it was just blah.

Anyhu Opu,seriously?-'KICK-ASS?',I thought her character was utterly ridiculous & in the real world she'd have her poor botox-ed face chopped off by nasty gangbangers in a sec.Maybe asking for a strong,powerful and intelligent female villian (i.e:Glenn Close in Damages,Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct)who could properly exploit people w/o having to depend on some silly gay assistant to do her dirty work-was a bit too much,considering the show's very commercial,playful tone.

Syaza,HMV hear still hasn't determined a release date for 30 Rock season 1!-tell me you're suffering too all the way in Ireland,wishfully dreaming of Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin at night...

syazazafirah said...

haha, dreaming of who? nope, thats just you :p
I didnt even bother to look for 30 rock, the prices here are ridiculous. but I might cave in, soon.