Sex on fire

Click HERE for Kings of Leon' new vid for Sex on Fire.

Thoughts about the video.

1. Too dark.
2. Flashes of Creed-like douchness.
3. We get that Caleb looks like Leo Caprio circa Titanic and the rest have very angular faces,but the close-ups play again and again like a bad nightmare.
3. The backstory is too vague to care about,the artsy style feels ersatz.

Like MGMT's vid for Electric Feel,its a good song with a mess of a video.This is a letdown for me at least,KOL's songs have a distinctive quality about them-serious,calm,its like..dark chocolate,something you enjoy with eyes closed-but a video like this would've been appropriate if it was the U2 era and the song was called "Baby come Back".

Still,good song and I have a feeling the new album's going to be better than the last (though that'd be a mean feat to manage).

Only by the Night out 22/9.


1 comment:

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