Fruit Machine

1. Bon Iver on Skinny Love.He sings the first part of the chorus in a tone that a father might take to scold an arrogant daughter ("I told you to be patient,I told you to be kind-now all your love is wasted") but later pulls it down to a gentle,benign coaxing when he says "C'mon skinny love".

2. Suicides by a group of people (a 16 year old girl included) in Hong Kong,and an Australian tv actor in the past week.If I had the chance to speak to any of them before they went,I'd tell them to hang on for just one more day-it could make all the difference.

3. Ramadhan,like detox but better because it cleanses your body,spirit and means you can spend lunchtime money buying all sorts of materialistic crap.Spring's arriving soon (if it isn't here already-with the exception of Sunday,the past few days have been quite sunny),time to rid yourself of those unattractive,thick trucker jackets and get some vitamin D.

4. From the official Ting Tings website:
The Ting Tings are down to play a super-secret MySpace Show next Friday, September 5 somewhere in Melbourne!! This will be their ONLY Melbourne show where you can see 'em so add them as your MySpace friend NOW to get details of the location and make sure to get there early! First in, first served. For some good gig prep, grab their new single 'That's Not My Name' in stores this Saturday!
How dare they-come all the way to Melbourne,and do a "super-secret MySpace show"?I guess this way only harcore fans would bother,and it'd be free.I'm signing up on MySpace this very moment (I won't be using it at all,so I guess a nickname like magicstick123 or babycustardpie will do),sending my minions to gather for facts about this.If you or any family members know anything,please call our info hotline 1300-slut-bunnies,you will be compensated with a lifetime (in technical terms: 2 weeks) of love and kindness.The great mousehunt begins.

ka-ching ka-ching boy



syz said...

hahah babycustardpie. Its actually a good nickname, no joke. hehe. happy ramadhan. :)

Anonymous said...

happy rama-da-dingdong..

Al said...

thanks anon:D

yah,babycustardpie has a nice ring to it-plus it sounds so tasty,irresistible-in fact i'll have one right about....now.